Forbidden Fruit

8 months has passed since I last published a post and it’s no coincidence that it was around the time when I discovered that my food-loving household would soon be welcoming a new addition.

Morning, Noon and Night Sickness

This joy-inducing news brought with it some physical feelings which were less welcome than the happy emotional ones – namely a constant nausea which rendered food the work of the devil to me. What could be worse for a food blogger than the conflict of feeling the need to graze constantly throughout the day (and occasionally at night) but hating it and the very thought of most things edible?

Adding a Burning Insult to Injury

A little bit later in my pregnancy, when I was feeling less nauseous and regained something of my appetite, the dreaded indigestion kicked in. Even the most mundane foods would cause an eye-popping, burp-creating reaction. So sadly, this did nothing to kick-start my passion for food again.

A New Arrival

Just one month ago, our little bundle of joy arrived and after a brief stay in hospital, we returned home looking forward to a somewhat adjusted version of normality.

I soon discovered that amongst all the others, having a baby meant changes to the way I ate too. I quickly developed the skill of eating with one hand from a bowl perched on the arm of the chair whilst breastfeeding. I began to eat at breakneck speeds in between bouts of crying (the baby, not me – honest!) to be available again quickly for soothing duties. Food that had gone cold became perfectly acceptable to continue eating. And of course there was no time to ‘cook’ in the true sense of the word, simply bunging dishes in the oven or microwave and adding some basic veg in an attempt to be healthy was a major achievement.

Pill Popping

Of course there has been quite a challenging time of recovery since I had our son, which meant that I was on a selection of tablets for various things, one of which was low iron. In an attempt to attack this ailment from all angles, I’ve also been eating dark green veg, cramming spinach, kale and broccoli in with each meal. Iron can only be absorbed when taken with vitamin C, so fruit juice and mid-morning bowls of fruit with yoghurt have also been on the menu.

Iron and Irony

Little F gained weight well and is thriving, but does suffer from being a ‘windy baby’ – lucky us! Our poor little man often cries after feeding and needs burping for quite a long time to settle. I thought this was probably just the luck of the draw with a newborn, but upon doing some research it seems that in an attempt to build myself back up, I’ve potentially exacerbated his belchy burden.

Apparently, foods which make it worse include broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, citrus fruits, yoghurt and caffeine. Pretty much everything I’ve been having, except for the caffeine (sadly, I could kill for a full strength latte!).


So now the windy foods will be reduced and my iron levels will have to increase a bit more slowly, as I begin the journey of motherhood and put his welfare quite rightly before mine. This already started of course by watching what I did during pregnancy, but feels more tangible now that he’s here with us.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. Apparently you need to eat more calories whilst breastfeeding (cue the cake) and I will make sure I get my own back on little F of course – when he’s older, he’s going to be my assistant in the kitchen…



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