Food Vows

I can’t believe it’s a year since my wedding at the Driftwood Spars Hotel in beautiful St Agnes, Cornwall.

Kate&James-9132Celebrating my first anniversary with a steak and wine meal at home got me thinking about the food at our wedding.

As a food obsessive, planning the menu was one of the most enjoyable tasks for me, as may have come across in my blog at the time.

Wedding day reality

On the day, like many people, I was too excited and busy to truly enjoy the meal. I didn’t even get the chance to try one of the canapés, which is a real tragedy as I think I spent as much time agonising over which to choose as I did my dress! If you don’t believe me, it’s  all down in black and white…

The Blessing of the Guests

I did manage a few mouthfuls though and I could tell that our guests enjoyed it, not just from the grunts of approval as they tucked in, but also from the clean plates after each course.

With menu choices including Salmon and Crab Parcels to start, Slow Braised Rump of Beef for main and Chocolate and Beer Brownies with Cornish Clotted Cream for dessert, it’s hardly surprising they cleaned up.

Pan Roast Cod Fillet was another of the main dishes and the one I chose. As we could see the sea from where we ate, it seemed only right to have some seafood options.

Slaving over a hot stove

Head ChefKnowing that the wedding food was important to me, our charismatic photographer not only captured the dishes above but also somehow managed to blag his way into the kitchen. I imagine that this was much to the annoyance of the Chef, who was trying to serve 76 rather hungry (and largely Northern) guests.

Despite the distraction, he did a superb job…I only wish I’d had more time to savour his wonderful food. Perhaps we’ll have to renew our vows?

The icing on the cheese cake

Not much of a traditionalist, cutting the cake wasn’t something I particularly wanted to do. I also believe that marzipan is the work of the devil, with royal icing following close behind, so a traditional wedding cake was never on the cards.

It took some time to solve this wedding cake dilemma, but in the end we opted for a tiered cheese and fruit cake, with (in ascending order) Somerset Brie, Cornish Yarg and uniced fruit cake, then to crown this magnificent stack, a red waxed Godminster Cheddar heart. Decorated with grapes and sprigs of herbs, it was a thing of dairy beauty.

Served with crackers as part of our evening buffet, there was plenty to go round and I managed to find time in between dancing and guest-greeting to enjoy the strange but hugely delicious cheese/fruit cake combo. If you’ve never tried it, add it to your ‘things to taste before you die’ list. Trust me.

Happy ever foodie after

So all in all, we were thrilled with the edible delights on our big day and we were really proud to showcase some of the magnificent produce the South West has to offer.

Now to get planning the menu for our renewed vows party…


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