A Birthday Cake Fit for The Queen

A Royal BuffetWhether you’re a fan of the Royal Family or not,

you surely have to admire the energy and professionalism of The Queen. To still be working now at the grand age of 90 is a huge achievement. In my view, she most certainly deserves to celebrate and what makes this milestone even better, is that The Queen has given us a reason to celebrate too.

In my book, that means cake.

In honour of Her Majesty, we held a Royal Buffet in my office and I was reminded of a rather majestic cake I’d made in years gone by. The occasion then was The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012 and it seemed fitting to dig out the same recipe 4 years later.

The Base

Just like The Queen herself, it’s a classic, and is appropriately named after her great-great grandmother – it had to be a Victoria Sponge.

Victoria Sponge CakeMascarpone Icing

Light and delicately sweet, it’s the perfect cake for such an event.  Once out of the oven, I left my halves to cool before sandwiching them together with traditional strawberry jam.

The topping

As much as I’d have liked to put my feet up with a cuppa while they were cooling, I had important decoration-based prep to do. For the topping, I mixed mascarpone cheese with some sifted icing sugar, until it was just sweet – I’m not a fan of very sickly icing. Sticking this in the fridge to set for a while, I turned my attention to the stars of the show: Strawberries and blueberries.

I’d made a point of buying the ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ strawberries from the supermarket and I was hard pressed to find any defects at all. It’s about time the giant shops started addressing the needless waste of so much food just for visual reasons.

I sliced evenly sized strawberries into long quarters and the blueberries in half. After topping the cake with the mascarpone cream, I set to work creating my patriotic masterpiece.

The Finishing Touches

I felt a bit like I was creating some kind of edible mosaic at an art class… Adding the fruit decoration was quite therapeutic and didn’t actually take too long. The result was quite eye-catching and I’m sure Her Majesty would be proud.

The comparison

So how do my consistency skills fare? After a gap of 4 years, my 90th Birthday cake was a close resemblance to my original Jubilee cake, and it tasted just as delicious.

Jubilee Cake, 2012

Jubilee Cake, 2012

90th Birthday Cake, 2016

90th Birthday Cake, 2016



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