On Test: Blueberry Scones

Blueberry Scones in the makingIt often helps to have some things in common with the people you work with. Luckily for me, my team and I all love food.

For a colleague’s birthday a few weeks ago, we decided to put on a surprise Afternoon Tea for her in the office. Well, you know what they say about all work and no play…

This gave me the perfect excuse to try out the Blueberry Scone recipe I’d seen in a recent edition of Good Food Magazine.

The Method

The method is what you would expect to see for a scone recipe: mixing the dry ingredients together and rubbing in the butter, before adding the liquids to turn it to a dough.

The Ingredients

The difference from the norm and the reason I wanted to try this recipe out is the ingredients. The use of blueberries instead of currants are the obvious one but these scones also contain lemon zest, plus single cream instead of milk.

The result

Blueberry SconesMy baking attempts have been hit and miss in the past, so I was slightly smug when my scones came out of the oven looking the part. Sadly, they were somewhat all mouth and no trousers as they didn’t quite pack the punch I was looking for.

The lemon zest was nowhere to be tasted and although the blueberries gave a wet texture against the almost dry crumb, they didn’t provide enough sweetness to contrast with the plain scone that you would get from using currants or raisins.

suggested Improvements

So where did I go wrong? They weren’t terrible by a long stretch and most of them were gobbled up by the office lot. With jam and clotted cream added, they were perfectly pleasant. For anyone tempted to do a better job than I did, I’d recommend the following:

  • Banish the blueberries – Unless you’re trying to get extra brain food into your diet I wouldn’t recommend using blueberries in this way as it certainly doesn’t do them much justice.
  • Less is more – Scale down the ingredients or cut smaller scones out of the dough. The recipe says that is makes 8 but I got 10 from it and they were less than dainty.
  • Turn down the heat – Because my scones were bordering on dry, I could have rescued them from the oven a bit quicker, although I had them in less than the recommended 25 minutes. But then that’s the beauty of ovens – they’ve all got a mind of their own.

The verdict

Top marks for creativity but sadly this recipe didn’t work in practice for me. However my blueberry scones were still edible so I would give a stoic 6 out of 10.


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