Wedding Cake Dilemma

Since reaching what can be called adulthood – although I don’t think any of us ever woke up after the age of 18 and thought “Yes, that’s it. I’ve reached adulthood, I can tell, I feel all grown up” – my tastes have definitely been inclined towards more savoury than sweet flavours. The craving for sugary sweets and cakes has declined and now when wanting to stuff my face on a Saturday night in, it’s more the breadsticks and dip that I reached for than a box of chocolates.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m the first to pounce when someone brings cakes or chocolates into the office. But if I’m eating out, I rarely have a dessert, choosing starter and main over pudding every time.

So when it came to choosing a wedding cake, I had something of a dilemma. Icing has never been a favourite of mine and don’t even go there about that evil yellow stuff that is known as marzipan. So what to do? We still wanted a nod to the tradition of having a cake, but we also didn’t want to have something for the sake of it, or be left with mounds of uneaten slices at the end of the night.

The Answer

Blindingly obvious really – a savoury cake. You guessed it, a CHEESE CAKE! Now this was something I could get excited about. So I did my research and contacted a few local cheese shops and delicatessens – happily we have quite a few to choose from here in Exeter. After a few conversations about what would look good, taste good and possibly most importantly, what would keep the best without melting into a gibbering wreck if it’s a warm day (that’ll be me instead!), this is what my cheese stack will be made up of:

The Twist

If having an alternative savoury cake wasn’t enough, I was struck with an idea from my natural enemy county, Yorkshire. Us Lancastrians may indulge in a bit of northern rivalry with the white rose but we’re big enough to admit that they have the odd good idea. And one is to enjoy a slice of cheese – often Wensleydale or crumbly Lancashire – on top of a slice of fruit cake. Trust me, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. So why not have a tier of fruit cake in amongst the cheese?

Well, I think it’s the perfect compromise and I’m sure it will go down well with our guests. So this is it, only 1 more day to go…let the celebrations begin!


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