The 3 Step Canapé Challenge

Most of us have been there: At a party, wedding or networking event when the canapés are paraded alongside the drinks. When approached by the waiting staff, wafting the trayful of goodies beneath your nose, you have only a few moments to make your choices.

1: To eat, or not to eat.

The likelihood is, you’re in the full flow of a conversation with someone who you may class to be more of an acquaintance than someone you feel comfortable dribbling in front of. So, do you indulge or not? Of course you do! Next dilemma…

2. To choose with your head or salivating taste buds.

You can either choose the smallest, most modest morsel to ensure minimal embarrassment when tucking in, or you can go with your first instinct and pick up the big, juicy, pretty looking one. And then…

3. To gobble or to nibble.

You’ve taken the plunge and your fate is sealed. But you can still save yourself from a social faux pas by moderating your consumption rate. You may think you can get away with stuffing the whole lot in your gob in one fell swoop, but sods law will ensure that someone asks you a question just at that very moment. However, choose to eat your canapé in bites and you risk wearing it for the rest of the evening if it breaks on bite-impact, tipping its contents down your front. Tricky, very tricky!

Cliffside garden, Driftwood Spars

The Driftwood Spars cliff side garden, the venue for our drinks and canapés. Image courtesy of

I suspect that while my wedding guests are enjoying their drinks and canapés, I will be too busy to indulge in the sport of people watching and won’t see how many people fall into the trap, sadly.

It’s definitely true to say that the dribble-factor element of our wedding planning intensified when we looked at the canapé choices. The wedding planner suggested that we chose 2 or 3 different ones. But that was a challenge too far and even when trying to restrain ourselves, we ended up with 5:

  • Scallop, with Pea Puree & Truffle
  • Mini Beef & Stilton Burgers
  • Tiger Prawn & Crab on a Baby Chicory Leaf, with Sweet Chilli Dip
  • Marinated Chicken Skewer
  • Marinated Vegetable Skewer

Loads of room for food-based embarrassment there! But not to worry, our guests, like the wedding itself, are pretty laid-back and if anything it would give our friends and family – who aren’t short of a sense of humour or two – something to talk about. You never know, they may even see it as a challenge: Who can excel themselves the most in the canapé scoffing stakes. Now there’s an image!

Less than two weeks to go…up next: Wedding cake dilemma!


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