The next best thing since sliced bread

So, it’s 2015. This new year lark seems to come around scarily fast nowadays. Of course I’ve made the usual healthy eating resolutions, which at the moment are in serious conflict with the amount of chocolate which is still lying temptingly around from Christmas. But I don’t want to dwell on those pledges, instead I’m thinking about what this year will mean in terms of food. Will I taste a new ingredient and fall dramatically, deeply head over heels with it? Will I finally get that work-life-balance right and discover extra hours in the day that mean I can do more experimenting and tasting? Hmm…I won’t be holding my breath on that one.

Cake pops

The strange fad that is ‘cake pops’

I’m also thinking about what dishes and flavours will be the good, the bad and the ugly in 2015. If last year saw burger restaurants become even more popular and cake pops and other ridiculous baking fads take over the nation, what delights await us this year?

I recently read an article by BBC Good Food about potential food trends for 2015 and a smile crept across my face when I saw that two of the predicted best things since sliced bread are actually what us northerners have been doing for years.

Leaders in foodie fashion

Yes that’s right, all those who think that anyone who lives north of the Watford gap is gastronomically backwards can eat their words.

Food trend #1: Poutine.


Classic Poutine – or should that be good old chips & gravy??

Hailing from Canada, this dish is apparently “in its purest form, chips, gravy and cheese curds“. I’m not sure what springs to mind for others but immediately I’m thinking, obviously, those northern delicacies chips and gravy and cheesy chips! Personally, I’m not entirely convinced about combining the two, but if this new trend means that I might actually be able to get a decent plate of chips and gravy outside of Lancashire then I’m quite happy. And it seems that it’s such a popular recipe that various people are claiming responsibility for its origin. Well, I think Northern England should stake a claim.

Food trend #2: Lard.


Lard – a potato’s best friend

Well, need I say more? Ask someone which 5 words spring to mind when they think of the north and you can bet your bottom dollar that lard will be in there somewhere.  We’ve been using it for years to fry our chips, grease our cooking tins and to bathe in (ok, maybe not the last one), but apparently now it’s making a come-back. After being shunned for being too unhealthy/pig related/generally northern, lard is now being reinvented and celebrated by those in the culinary world who decide what the next big thing is. Apparently it’s really good for crisping your roast potatoes and flaking your pastry.

Who knew??



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