Fattening the goose fails

After my weekend spent feasting at the festival, the only thing that remained to be done was the dreaded weigh-in.  Had my gluttonous antics been enough to add a few pounds to my slight frame??

Sadly not! As I stepped onto the scales I stared in disbelief – not even the smallest increase.  My stubborn metabolism had simply refused to budge after my binge.

So that’s it, my bulking up mission is over.  I’ve tried everything, from countless meals out, to take aways and being fattened up by friends.  I’ve even been up North twice in the past four months to feed on lard, but still no progress.  Ok, maybe not actual lard…

But my attempt at fattening up for winter wasn’t a total waste.  I’ve had the most fantastic time stuffing my face without a care in the world.  I’ve enjoyed trying new flavours, such as oyster ravioli.  I’ve also taken a trip down memory lane with some classic dishes from my childhood.

And what I’ve learned is that I might not be as curvy as I’d like to be, I may resemble Olive Oil more closely than Marilyn Monroe, but perhaps that’s just how I’m destined to be.   Maybe we are what we are, not what we eat.  I think I can live with that.


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