Bulking up continues…

Having made good progress in my ‘bulking-up’ mission so far, I am determined to keep up the good work.  I’ve had great support from family and friends and as others have recently picked up the bill for my weight gaining quest, I thought it was about time I paid my way for once.

I’ve wanted to take my boyfriend to The Jack in the Green in Rockbere for a while.  So one lunchtime when we both had a day off work, we drove out to sample the food at this celebrated local restaurant, which must have won more awards than it’s served hot dinners.

Thai green cod and prawn curry

Thai green cod and prawn curry

We received a warm welcome on our arrival and enjoyed a drink whilst perusing the menu.  As I’d given my brain the day off, it took a while to make a decision from such a good selection, but I eventually opted for the Thai green cod and prawn curry with sticky rice.  My other half also wrestled with a choice between two of the classic dishes on the menu – Cumberland sausages with bubble and squeek (his favourite), or Fish in real ale batter served with chips and mushy peas.  In the end he was swayed by the latter, possibly to compliment the pint of Doom Bar he was enjoying as a liquid starter.

When eating out, some things – little things really – make you feel slightly, well, superior.  One of them is being left to recline on comfortable chairs with a drink, before being shown to your table when your food is ready to be served.  This was the treatment we enjoyed at The Jack, and having booked an early lunch, we were the first ones in the dining room. This was great for me as it meant I was able to take photos and get visibly over-excited about the stylish table dressing without anyone else seeing.

Seasoned butter and warm, fresh out of the oven bread awaited us at our table

Seasoned butter and warm, fresh out of the oven bread awaited us at our table

A slab of seasoned butter on a slate coaster was an impressive touch and the freshly baked bread filled the air with a homely aroma enough to set anyone’s belly rumbling – another good reason for us to be alone in the dining room…

Luckily, our meals were served promptly and both looked delicious.  My bowl of curry was teaming with chunks of cod, king prawns and large flakes of coconut.  Toasted nuts sprinkled over the sticky rice added extra crunch and the sauce was just the right balance of flavour and heat.  This dish got a huge thumbs up from me, as did my boyfriend’s choice.

The fish was coated in a light, crisp batter

The fish was coated in a light, crisp batter

I couldn’t resist pinching one of the golden chunky chips which were seasoned with coarsley ground sea salt.  A light batter coated the generous fillet of fish, providing crunch without being too heavy.  The mushy peas (being northern I approve immensly of mushy peas) complimented the two nicely, but what really topped this British classic off was the home made tartar sauce. Tangy and textured, it added a hint of zest to the dish.

At the end of our meal, both plates were squeeky clean and it’s safe to say that The Jack in the Green had certainly lived up to, if not surpassed its reputation.  The excellent service and surroundings created a level of expectation of the food which was definitely met.  When the bill came, I was more than happy to pay what was a reasonable price for a special lunch.  Besides, I might have spent a few pounds, but hopefully I’ll have gained a few in weight…bulking up continues!


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