Slowly but surely…

Good news! All this stuffing my face seems to be working – since my last blog, I’ve put on another button-popping, chair-breaking, seam-splitting 2 pounds!

Slowly but surely seems to be my body’s reaction to my fattening up for winter quest, which I suppose is fair enough.  I wouldn’t really want to balloon overnight only to wake up and find that I can’t find my face because it’s lost in the extra padding I’ve suddenly put on.  No, I must be patient and continue with my eating efforts at a steady pace.

Creamy Fish pie

Creamy Fish pie

With this in mind, winter warmer stodge has been the theme of late.  I made the most (if I do say so myself) delicious Fish pie this week, with generous helpings of cream thrown in for calorific content.  I’ve also been treated by my other half to a few tasty and filling meals out, including a big bowl of my favourite – Spaghetti carbonara from Carluccios.

A whopping tray of Toad in the hole

A whopping tray of Toad in the hole

I seem to be scrounging free food from everyone at the moment.  Word about my mission must be getting out as I had an invite to eat with some friends only a few nights ago.  They were very excited about their culinary offering, the details of which were kept a secret from me, even when I was stood chatting with them in the kitchen upon my arrival! They obviously know me very well as one of the components of the meal was (yes you’ve guessed it) GRAVY!  And not just any gravy, either.  This moist-maker included a very special ingredient…Guinness!  I am a huge fan of the black gold so the fact that it was making an appearance in my dinner went down an absolute treat.

When the main surprise was produced from the oven my eyes nearly popped out of my head: a whopping tray of Toad in the hole which was served with mashed sweet potato, perfectly cooked broccoli and a generous glug of bitter-sweet Guinness gravy.

Served with sweet potato, broccoli and Guinness gravy

Served with sweet potato, broccoli and Guinness gravy

We barely spoke during dinner whilst we all savoured the flavours.  Ok, if I’m perfectly honest our behaviour was less sophisticated and we shovelled it down like we hadn’t eaten for days.  But it was so good it deserved such gluttonous treatment.  I was very grateful for this delicious dinner which I think most definitely contributed to that 2 pound gain – thank you guys!

So although it’s slow going, at least my weight increase has been consistent – the first milestone being 3 pounds, followed by a further 2 pounds at the next 2 weigh-ins.  Now I just have another 4 pounds to pile on to reach my target weight.  It’s not exactly what you’d call a heavy weight, but it’s what I think I should be for my height and build.  It’s the weight at which I’ve always felt the most comfortable and some how I’ve strayed quite far from it in recent months.  But I want it back! The mission continues…


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