Fattening the goose – Part II

In my last entry I talked about the over-indulgence of Christmas and how much fun it is to let go on the eating and drinking front. I missed out on the festive pigging-out in December as I was full of a cold and just didn’t feel like stuffing my face. So I pledged instead to make up for lost calories in the New Year, which is still most certainly my goal, but since writing ‘Fattening the goose’ I’ve given my eating mission some deeper thought.

It’s more than just a flippant rant about being able to eat what I want without gaining weight. Plenty of people throughout my life have reminded me how lucky I am to have this metabolism and I agree – I am lucky. But at the same time, if I want to put on weight but can’t, isn’t that the equivalent of an overweight person struggling to lose a few pounds? I may have the same grumbles about parts of my body that I wish were a bit more ample, as someone who wishes they didn’t have those extra layers.

Ok, so I am perfectly healthy (I hope!) and my desire to bulk up a bit is for my own gratification, not a medical reason.  But the same self-conscious thoughts are associated, just as they would be for some other people, but in reverse. Yet I get the feeling that those of us who would welcome extra padding but struggle to obtain it, are often scoffed at or not taken seriously. In my case, perhaps that’s because I tend to express my thoughts in a tongue-in-cheek way, but that doesn’t mean that my worries aren’t just as valid.

So during my quest I’m looking forward to posting regular ‘antidote to a diet’ updates with the usual sprinkling of humour.  As well as being amusing, I hope they will be an eye opener to some people who didn’t realise that us Slim-Jims have it tough too.


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